tax rate

tax rate
The percentage of tax paid for different levels of income. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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tax rate tax rate rate1

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tax rate UK US noun [C] TAX, FINANCE
the percentage of an amount or value that has to be paid in tax: »

Tax rates have declined so we keep more of what we earn.

a 10%/12.5%/ 31%, etc. tax rate »

The rules allow firms to treat their earnings as capital gains, which attracts a 10% tax rate.


A tax rate of 36% applies to all taxable income in excess of the stipulated amount.

a low/high tax rate »

A lower tax rate helped boost net profits by 41% to $454 million.

corporate/corporation/individual tax rate »

In Germany, corporation tax rates are lower than in this country.

property/capital gains/sales tax rate »

Florida property tax rates generally range from 0.2 cents to 0.25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

See also EFFECTIVE TAX RATE(Cf. ↑effective tax rate), MARGINAL RATE(Cf. ↑marginal rate)

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